How to Become a Professional Wrestler

Usually characterized by WWE, professional wrestlers are dedicated athletes that thrive on discipline to survive. Professional wrestling demands a bit of entertainment, sure, but it also requires a physically fit body to “fall” an opponent. Professional wrestlers aren’t just born, and they are made.

If you want to have a job as a professional wrestler, follow these steps:

Step 1: Work out.

You should improve your body by exercising intensely. Be careful about what you eat and drink, and stick to an exercise program. You need to look strong and actually be one. You shouldn’t look like a stick that could be blown away by a strong wind. However, don’t work out too much. Listen to your body and stop when you’re in pain or feeling nauseated. You can even be unique when working out. You could do some woodworking as a way of exercise. Weird as it may sound, working with a table saw could definitely improve your body.

Step 2: Train in a wrestling school.


Enroll yourself in wrestling school to help you learn all the things you need to know from the jargon/terms and rules down to the skills. Remember that weightlifting isn’t the same with professional wrestling, so just because you can lift heavy weights doesn’t mean you can be a wrestler right away. They are two different things. Going to wrestling school will clear that.

Step 3: Stick to a healthful diet.

Watch what you eat. Consume a diet rich in protein. Eat different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Avoid food and drinks that are high in fat and sugar. Professional wrestlers are disciplined especially when it comes to food, and you have to remember that.

Step 4: Read. Read. Read.


Purchase or borrow books about how to become a professional wrestler. Apply what you’ve learned during training. Reading won’t make you less masculine. In fact, the more you learn about professional wrestling, the higher your chances of exiting the ring as a winner. It’s just like a beginner handyman trying to improve his skills by studying the do’s and don’ts related to his/her job.

Step 5: Start small.


If you’re just starting out as a carpenter or handyman, you will first try your luck with small stuff, won’t you? After all, you have to be reliable with the small repairs before you can be entrusted with bigger and more demanding projects. The same can be applied for beginner wrestlers. Begin your career in a local league. Get some experience first before going to the major ones. Sure, you won’t get paid much, but it’ll improve your skills. Don’t worry about making huge money immediately. Your time will come. Just keep improving and gradually make your way to the top. And remember to stay humble no matter how far you’ve come.

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