Epic Facts About Wrestling


It doesn’t matter how epic fighting scenes are, especially on the big screen. Wrestling also has epic fighting scenes, especially on the global screen.

That being said, here are some epic facts about wrestling:

  • Wrestling is deemed an earliest form of combat, along with boxing. It even goes way back into the 20th century BCE, during the Bronze Age of Ancient Egyptians.
  • The earliest depictions of wrestling were found in an Egyptian burial ground called Beni Hasan.
  • Homer’s Iliad mentions wrestling in a detailed point of view. This Ancient Greek epic poem was set during Troy’s 10-year siege – otherwise known as the famous Trojan War.
  • Wrestling serves as one of the key competitions during the earliest Olympic Games.
  • King Henry VIII of England was thrown by King Francis I of France in a wrestling match during 1520’s Field of the Cloth of Gold, a summit meant to increase the kings’ friendship bond.
  • The national sport of Turkey is oil wrestling, where contenders douse themselves with olive oil.
  • Amateur wrestling is considered more athletic, while professional wrestling is considered more theatrical – since 1921.
  • There are two categories of wrestling disciplines as per the United World Wrestling organization: international and folk.
  • International disciplines include Greco-Roman, where a contender is forbidden to hold an opponent below the belt; Freestyle, where a contender is allowed to use legs for both offense and defense; Amateur Pankration, a type of mixed martial arts that originated in Greece; and Beach, where contenders wrestle inside a sand-filled circle platform.
  • Folk disciplines include Oil, the national sport of Turkey; Collegiate, a frequently practiced sport in the United States; and Sambo, a type of martial arts that originated in Russia.
  • Other forms of wrestling include professional, which has three kinds: Anglo-American (e.g. WWE), Puroresu (in Japan), and Lucha Libre (in Mexico).

Do you know any other epic facts about wrestling? Share them with us below!

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