Does the Frame Rate in CS:GO Matter?

What is FPS?

FPS or frames per second is the frequency at which successive images referred to as “frames” are shown in an animated display such as in video games.


Videos, like the ones you see on television, consist of still images that are played back in a quick sequence, and each image is a frame. That means the frame rate or fps tells how fast the succession is. In video games like CS:GO, the rate tells how quickly the game redraws the image on your screen.

What affects the FPS of a video game?

Several factors determine the game’s fps or frame rate performance. Some of these factors are:

  • The system hardware which consists of CPU, memory, graphics card, and the motherboard
  • The level and development of the game code when it comes to graphics performance
  • The resolution and graphics settings in the game

The biggest contributor is the CPU and the graphics card.

What FPS or frame rate is considered adequate for a video game?


A lot of video/computer games today aim to have a frame rate of 60 fps, but any rate between 30 to 60 fps is acceptable. Go below 30 fps, and the game’s animations would be choppy and feel unreal and robot-like. However, games could exceed 60 fps. In fact, most of the sought-after games exceed that rate, and they show an impressive fluid motion.

The frames per second you actually experience will vary throughout the video game depending on the hardware and the situation occurring in the game at a specific time. When we speak of hardware performance, the CPU and the graphics card play an important role. This is why it’s also essential to go for a computer that could handle video games with higher frame rates. Note that the monitor is also a contributing factor which could influence the fps. A lot of LCD monitors are designed with a refresh rate of 60Hz, which means any video game above 60fps would be visible.

In CS:GO, it’s best to have an fps of 150 or higher. You could go to if you want the frame rate to show.


That’s the ideal rate for the game since it’s a shooting game that requires you to respond fast to the situation. Having a lower than 150 fps isn’t advantageous for you because you’d want to be the one to notice and shoot first in case an enemy shows up on the screen.

So, to answer our question, yes, the fps in CS:GO matters as it affects what you can see on the screen and how fast you can react.

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