How to Become a Professional Wrestler

Usually characterized by WWE, professional wrestlers are dedicated athletes that thrive on discipline to survive. Professional wrestling demands a bit of entertainment, sure, but it also requires a physically fit body to “fall” an opponent. Professional wrestlers aren’t just born, and they are made.

If you want to have a job as a professional wrestler, follow these steps:

Step 1: Work out.

You should improve your body by exercising intensely. Be careful about what you eat and drink, and stick to an exercise program. You need to look strong and actually be one. You shouldn’t look like a stick that could be blown away by a strong wind. However, don’t work out too much. Listen to your body and stop when you’re in pain or feeling nauseated. You can even be unique when working out. You could do some woodworking as a way of exercise. Weird as it may sound, working with a table saw could definitely improve your body.

Step 2: Train in a wrestling school.


Enroll yourself in wrestling school to help you learn all the things you need to know from the jargon/terms and rules down to the skills. Remember that weightlifting isn’t the same with professional wrestling, so just because you can lift heavy weights doesn’t mean you can be a wrestler right away. They are two different things. Going to wrestling school will clear that.

Step 3: Stick to a healthful diet.

Watch what you eat. Consume a diet rich in protein. Eat different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Avoid food and drinks that are high in fat and sugar. Professional wrestlers are disciplined especially when it comes to food, and you have to remember that.

Step 4: Read. Read. Read.


Purchase or borrow books about how to become a professional wrestler. Apply what you’ve learned during training. Reading won’t make you less masculine. In fact, the more you learn about professional wrestling, the higher your chances of exiting the ring as a winner. It’s just like a beginner handyman trying to improve his skills by studying the do’s and don’ts related to his/her job.

Step 5: Start small.


If you’re just starting out as a carpenter or handyman, you will first try your luck with small stuff, won’t you? After all, you have to be reliable with the small repairs before you can be entrusted with bigger and more demanding projects. The same can be applied for beginner wrestlers. Begin your career in a local league. Get some experience first before going to the major ones. Sure, you won’t get paid much, but it’ll improve your skills. Don’t worry about making huge money immediately. Your time will come. Just keep improving and gradually make your way to the top. And remember to stay humble no matter how far you’ve come.

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Reasons Why Wrestling is Like Plasma Cutting

Who said wrestling and using a plasma cutter are two entirely different things? Well, they may seem to be, but after reading this article about their similarities, I’m pretty sure you’ll end up saying, “Oh, look! They are the same after all!”

They’re for everyone

Wrestling? Anyone can do that! Wrestling is welcome to various age groups and weight classes that will make it one open activity for anyone who’s interested. The sports don’t discriminate anyone’s age or weight. After all, there’s an age division and weight class for every single person.


It’s the same with using plasma cutters; whether they are cheap models or not, they can be easily used by anyone (so long as they’re 18 and above). Plasma cutters don’t discriminate too. Some cutters can be easily adjusted and are comfortable to use. Robotic plasma cutters are even user-friendly! That means even first-timers, as long as they follow the safety recommendations, can get a hold of them.

They improve your mental health

Plasma cutting isn’t an easy-peasy thing to perform. It’s dangerous if you don’t know how to use the machine and if you’re not following the safety guidelines. Plus, it requires your undivided attention. And because of this demand, a plasma cutter can enhance your mental skills by allowing you to concentrate on what you’re doing. It can improve your ability to focus. Plasma cutting, when done improperly, can harm you or the people and things around you, which is why you need to give it your 100% attention.


The same thing can be said for wrestling. The activity can hone your mental ability by enabling you to study and learn how to overcome the challenges in front of you. Wrestling can make one’s mind stronger and more prepared to face the real problems in the world. Wrestling also boosts the wrestler’s self-confidence by allowing him to realize how essential self-reliance is. Self-discipline will also be improved with wrestling because the sport requires the participant to develop respect and sportsmanship for their opponent. Losses also teach humility aside from respect.

They offer flexibility


Plasma cutters are versatile—they don’t just cut; they also can be used as gauges to line up a material flawlessly. Some can even be used for MIG or flux welding. There are also models that serve as a plasma cutter, a stick welder, and a TIG welder.

Wrestlers are as flexible as plasma cutters too! They don’t just know how to punch or kick; they also know how the significance of respect and discipline, which means they can also teach self-defense and conducts talks about being a good sport. Wrestlers can be inspirational speakers as well, trying to encourage the young generation to fight for their dreams in life and to never give up even after so many lost battles. Wrestlers aren’t just meant to “teach a lesson” inside the ring or octagon; they can also teach a lesson literally to others who need to be uplifted.


So, wrestling and plasma cutting aren’t so different after all! It’s obvious, isn’t?

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Garage Heater: The Best Winter and Fitness Partner

Stay fit all throughout winter by working out in your heated garage!

Most of us don’t have ample space inside the house, which is why it’s best to clear out unnecessary stuff in the garage and set up a small gym near the car. A couple of weights and machines won’t require much space anyway.


Here are the benefits of having a garage heater:

They are affordable

Contrary to popular belief, keeping your garage warm isn’t expensive at all. Garage heaters are offered with different price tags, and it won’t be difficult to find one that would suit your budget and your garage needs. A heater can keep the garage warm during cold days, which makes it an excellent investment. The best thing about putting your gym equipment in the garage and not inside the house is that you would think that you’re not at home. We all know that the greatest adversary of fitness is our mental state. If you know you’re not inside the house, you’ll be encouraged to work out more. And once your mind has been set, you can exercise correctly and with conviction.

They keep the environment dry

mr heater

Garage heaters remove moisture and odor from the air too, so you can be sure that your surroundings are dry. The only thing that won’t be is you because you’ll be all sweaty while you exercise.

They are safe

modine-heaterGarage heaters these days are no longer bulky and awkward. They’re reliable to use because of the new technology that comes with them. They are simple machines that can heat up your garage to make you safe as you work out or clean the car. Garage heaters allow you to control the temperature, which makes it safe for you, your pets, and your beloved vehicle.

They are portable

As mentioned earlier, modern garage heaters are no longer large; they are now convenient and compact. They also save a lot of space so that you can place more essential things in the garage like a speaker and a television to entertain you as you work out.

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Does the Frame Rate in CS:GO Matter?

What is FPS?

FPS or frames per second is the frequency at which successive images referred to as “frames” are shown in an animated display such as in video games.


Videos, like the ones you see on television, consist of still images that are played back in a quick sequence, and each image is a frame. That means the frame rate or fps tells how fast the succession is. In video games like CS:GO, the rate tells how quickly the game redraws the image on your screen.

What affects the FPS of a video game?

Several factors determine the game’s fps or frame rate performance. Some of these factors are:

  • The system hardware which consists of CPU, memory, graphics card, and the motherboard
  • The level and development of the game code when it comes to graphics performance
  • The resolution and graphics settings in the game

The biggest contributor is the CPU and the graphics card.

What FPS or frame rate is considered adequate for a video game?


A lot of video/computer games today aim to have a frame rate of 60 fps, but any rate between 30 to 60 fps is acceptable. Go below 30 fps, and the game’s animations would be choppy and feel unreal and robot-like. However, games could exceed 60 fps. In fact, most of the sought-after games exceed that rate, and they show an impressive fluid motion.

The frames per second you actually experience will vary throughout the video game depending on the hardware and the situation occurring in the game at a specific time. When we speak of hardware performance, the CPU and the graphics card play an important role. This is why it’s also essential to go for a computer that could handle video games with higher frame rates. Note that the monitor is also a contributing factor which could influence the fps. A lot of LCD monitors are designed with a refresh rate of 60Hz, which means any video game above 60fps would be visible.

In CS:GO, it’s best to have an fps of 150 or higher. You could go to if you want the frame rate to show.


That’s the ideal rate for the game since it’s a shooting game that requires you to respond fast to the situation. Having a lower than 150 fps isn’t advantageous for you because you’d want to be the one to notice and shoot first in case an enemy shows up on the screen.

So, to answer our question, yes, the fps in CS:GO matters as it affects what you can see on the screen and how fast you can react.

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3 Cookbooks for People Who Want to Keep Fit and Eat Right

Anyone who has ever had any success in keeping fit will understand the role of a good diet plays in achieving it. Planning to eat healthily, however, is often easier said than done. For some people, preparing nutritious meals can be a real challenge while others are not so keen on eating what may seem like more boring meals. If improving your diet may seem like a daunting goal, you will be happy to find that eating right is something you can do and enjoy at the same time. Whether you are looking for a pizza sushi recipe or something you can prepare for a post-workout meal, here are some of the best fitness and healthy food cookbooks to help you find what you need. 1. Cook Japan, Stay Slim, Live Longer by Reiko Hashimoto Japanese cuisine is widely considered as one of the healthiest in the world. This cookbook by Hashi cookery school founder Reiko Hashimoto an extensive selection of recipes to help you prepare delectable and healthy Japanese meals. 2. Feed Zone Portables: A Cookbook of On-the-Go Food for Athletes by Allen Lim and Biju Thomas Feed Zone Portables provides you with meal or snack ideas and recipes to help you maintain a healthy diet even you are always on the go. 3. Good Food Eat Well: Healthy Diet Plans by Good Food Planning meals for a healthy diet does not have to be a chore. And with some help from this cookbook, you can enjoy tasty and nutritious eats every day so you do not have to help you stay on track with your fitness goals.

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Epic Facts About Wrestling


It doesn’t matter how epic fighting scenes are, especially on the big screen. Wrestling also has epic fighting scenes, especially on the global screen.

That being said, here are some epic facts about wrestling:

  • Wrestling is deemed an earliest form of combat, along with boxing. It even goes way back into the 20th century BCE, during the Bronze Age of Ancient Egyptians.
  • The earliest depictions of wrestling were found in an Egyptian burial ground called Beni Hasan.
  • Homer’s Iliad mentions wrestling in a detailed point of view. This Ancient Greek epic poem was set during Troy’s 10-year siege – otherwise known as the famous Trojan War.
  • Wrestling serves as one of the key competitions during the earliest Olympic Games.
  • King Henry VIII of England was thrown by King Francis I of France in a wrestling match during 1520’s Field of the Cloth of Gold, a summit meant to increase the kings’ friendship bond.
  • The national sport of Turkey is oil wrestling, where contenders douse themselves with olive oil.
  • Amateur wrestling is considered more athletic, while professional wrestling is considered more theatrical – since 1921.
  • There are two categories of wrestling disciplines as per the United World Wrestling organization: international and folk.
  • International disciplines include Greco-Roman, where a contender is forbidden to hold an opponent below the belt; Freestyle, where a contender is allowed to use legs for both offense and defense; Amateur Pankration, a type of mixed martial arts that originated in Greece; and Beach, where contenders wrestle inside a sand-filled circle platform.
  • Folk disciplines include Oil, the national sport of Turkey; Collegiate, a frequently practiced sport in the United States; and Sambo, a type of martial arts that originated in Russia.
  • Other forms of wrestling include professional, which has three kinds: Anglo-American (e.g. WWE), Puroresu (in Japan), and Lucha Libre (in Mexico).

Do you know any other epic facts about wrestling? Share them with us below!

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Losing Weight and Fitness: Keeping it Simple


For some people, losing weight can be a bit daunting. The hype surrounding fads and trends may sometimes make it seem more complex than it should be. While there are different ways to achieve your weight goal, the basic principles stay the same. And sometimes, sticking to the basic principles and keeping things simple may even prove to be more effective than trying out trendy diets that are soon forgotten as soon as the target weight is reached. Here are some ways to keep losing weight as simple as possible and get the results you want.

Nutrition over fad diet. Fad diets may deliver the results you want faster than your regular diet does, but they may not be the best choice if you want to get the complete nutrients your body needs. Focus on proper nutrition and meeting dietary requirements for your fitness needs. Consult with a nutritionist or a certified fitness professional who can provide you with guidelines or sample meal plans to follow.

Fuel up properly for exercise. Eat food that would provide you with the energy and other nutrients to maximize your exercise gains. Choose high-fiber foods and good carbohydrates if your workouts need a lot of energy like running and other endurance sports. Get high quality protein to aid in muscle-building and recovery. And make sure that you get other nutrient-rich foods on your plate that can provide you with the vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

Avoid overcompensating. Some people consume more calories than they burn during workout and wonder why they are not losing weight. It is tempting to eat more after a tiring workout. But you need to exercise control on how much you are eating. Choose a post-workout or recovery meal that is healthy and filling. Avoid overindulging and stick to a balanced diet that has rich sources of nutrients.

Don’t rush it. Healthy weight loss takes time. But with the right diet and regular exercise, you will soon shedding off the excess weight. Consistency is a great way not only to achieve your weight goal but also helpful in keeping the lost weight away for good.

Keep track of your diet and progress. Keeping track of your progress can help you make adjustments to your diet and workout plans if necessary. It is also a great way to keep yourself motivated, especially once you begin to see the results of your efforts.

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5 of the Best Venues in the World for a Great WWE Viewing Experience

There is something about watching the WWE surrounded by other fans that makes the experience more exceptional. Over the years, the WWE had its share of the greatest matches witnessed by fans in various venues across the globe. Every place may be unique with crowds that have their own brand of quirks and ways of showing their excitement and support. But there are venues that provide the greatest WWE spectator experience. Here are some of the world’s best WWE venues for great viewing experiences.

Allstate Arena (Rosemont, Illinois, USA)
Allstate Arena
Location: 6920 Mannheim Rd, Rosemont
Chicago is home to some of the world’s greatest sports fans. People in this city are proud and loud when it comes to supporting their favorite sports and teams. And professional wrestling is not an exception with fans that are not only knowledgeable but enthusiastic and creative in cheering for their picks. The Allstate Arena has seen its share of WWE events that have left crowds with the finest moments in the sport. Watching a WWE event like WrestleMania in Allstate Arena guarantees the kind of atmosphere that make for exciting viewing.

Madison Square Garden (New York, NY, USA)
Madison Square Garden
Location: 4 Pennsylvania Plaza, New York, NY
Madison Square Garden and WWE share a rich history together with the former serving as venue for numerous wrestling events in the past. It has also been a venue for some of WWE’s biggest events which further points to its importance and significance in WWE wrestling.

Rogers Centre (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Rogers Centre
Location: 1 Blue Jays Way, Toronto
Rogers Centre is a huge venue that can easily accommodate the WWE crowd. And judging from the two WrestleMania events have been held there, it is among the stand-out places when it comes to providing the mix of atmosphere and compelling crowds that make for an unforgettable viewing experience.

Staples Center (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Staples Center
Location: 1111 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles
The popular arena is a familiar name not just in the US but in many other countries in the world. It has served as venue for numerous big events in the past including quite a few of the SummerSlams and other major WWE events.

Sun Life Stadium (Miami, Florida, USA)
Sun Life Stadium
Location: 347 Don Shula Dr, Miami Gardens
The Sun Life Stadium does not have a long history with WWE. But its hosting of the WrestleMania XXVIII showed that it can easily holds its own among the top WWE venues in the world. The open-air stadium provided an atmosphere and vibe that may not be often seen in indoor venues where many WWE events are held. And when you add the enthusiastic and loud crowd, the combination can be outstanding.

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